G Suite Editions

G Suite offers several different versions, or editions, each adding functionality to the basic suite. The additional features may be enhancements to the basic package, or features not available at the basic level. Here is a brief breakdown of the packages.

G Suite Basic

  • A Domain-wide administrative control panel
  • G Suite Basic gives you a version of Gmail that works with your domain name
  • 30 GB storage per person
  • Access to Google’s suite of on-line collaborative business apps, which includes Calendar, Drive, Docs editors, Hangouts, and more

G Suite Business

Since the G Suite app line is geared at business, having a package named Business seems odd at best. You might think of the package as a Business-Plus sort of offering, instead, since it builds upon the features in the G Suite Basic package. It also includes features that a larger or growing business might need.

  • Advanced mobile device management
  • Google Vault, which adds features for data discovery and archiving

G Suite Enterprise

The Enterprise is a big business. As such, there are more considerations legal and otherwise for managing data. The Enterprise suite adds tools that give a large business the ability to meet these requirements.

  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) encryption

G Suite for Education, Nonprofits, or Government

  • Schools, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies may be able to qualify for a special edition, which provide features of G Suite for free.

Where to start?

When you’re seriously considering G Suite, you may wonder how to begin the process of choosing the correct edition. If you’re entity is a nonprofit, the obvious choice is the Nonprofit Edition. But how about those other editions? Which one might be right for your business?

I can help you with the issue of vetting G Suite. One way to get started is to start a free trial. Then let me strategize your move into the world of office productivity.