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G Suite Editions

G Suite offers several different versions, or editions, each adding functionality to the basic suite. The additional features may be enhancements to the basic package, or features not available at the basic level. Here is a brief breakdown of the packages.

Nonprofit Consulting

image of nonprofit iconography

SOHOSites by SOHOBE helps nonprofits with their web presence issues. Using the power of the Internet, nonprofits can reach their constituents easier, and cheaply, than ever before.

It’s unfortunate, however, that many nonprofits chose public based systems to do their work. The number of nonprofits and houses of worship that use Gmail, Verizon and other non-branded accounts is saddening. And there’s really no reason that nonprofits should not be promoting their own branding.

SOHOSites is aware of promotions that nonprofits could, and should, be taking advantage of. I’m a member of TechSoup, and I know that there are programs specific to nonprofits, which make cost considerations much more compelling.

If your nonprofit is being left behind on the Web, please contact me today. I can arrange a brief, courtesy telecon with qualified nonprofits.