HRM Apps

For a small business, hiring an employee is a milestone. At first the employee management tasks might be done by keeping data on a spreadsheet, and policy is generally handled informally between staff and management. But as more employees come on board, the need to maintain accurate records for compliance and legal reasons quickly becomes a priority.

SOHOSites can suggest two Human Resource Management (HRM) packages that are popular with small businesses. These apps are hosted as part of your company’s website. This eliminates the needed to have an on-premise server. Advantages of this arrangement are that the HRM app can be accessed with a Windows or macOS based computer. They can also be available to someone outside the business such as a CPA or board-member.

Orange HRM

Orange HRM… “aims to be the world’s leading open source HRM solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing a flexible and easy to use HRM system for any company worldwide.”

Launched in 2005, Orange HRM is the most popular, and best known, open source human resource management (HRM) software. According to Orange HRM, the apps comes as a comprehensive solution for the efficient management and development of your Human Resource. It will assist you in the complex and strategic process of managing this crucial resource of your enterprise. Based on modular architecture, it facilitates a vast range of HR activities, with features that reflect the main HR management activities.

Sentrifugo logoSentrifugo

Sentrifugo is a… “Powerful new-age Human Resource Management System that can be easily configured to adapt to your organizational processes.”

Founded in 2010, Sentrifugo states it is suitable for all organizations irrespective of their size. Sentrifugo ideally provides features like Employee Self-Service, Leave Management, Resource Requisition, Expenses, Appraisals, Analytics and many more. It is highly configurable and can be customized to reflect the unique work flow and processes of an organization. This increases efficiency of the company, subsequently integrating and aligning the efforts of HR with the rest of the organization.