Choosing a TLD

I hear it all the time.

“I need to get a domain name.”

“Great,” I say. “Do you know what name you would like?”


“And what do you want for the TLD?” I ask.

“The TLD…?”

“TLD: Top Level Domain. That’s the letters that come at the end, after the dot. So, dot-com, dot-us, dot-org…”

“Oh! Dot-com!!”

“Oh. Well, that’s probably already going to be registered,” I explain, gently. “If it’s available at all, you’ll need to get it with a different TLD.”

“Like what?”

With there now being over 1,000 TLDs available, that’s not an easy question to answer. In the old days, it was a choice between dot-com, dot-net or dot-org. Then came the country codes, making dot-us a good alternative choice. But with the perceived shortage of desirable domain names, ICANN, the overseeing agency of all things Internet, decided to add new TLDs. And add they did, until they went over 1,000 of them!

image of tld count in 2016

These new TLDs literally range from A to Z: .abb to .zw. But I can’t imagine any SOHO business needing or wanting something like However, something like might be fun. You might wonder if all the new TLDs are as vague. The answer is no. Because these new choices don’t limit the number of letters they contain, there are some great options now available. For example, you might be able to register,, or

Of course, it might take time to cull through the 1,000-plus names, and then check to see if the name is available. That’s where SOHOSites can help. I can compile a list of choices, based on these TLDs. In addition to that, I can try to determine which TLDs make sense to your business, based on what I know about it. I can also suggest alternatives to the name itself, based on what I believe might be a suitable variation. My fee-based service does the work for you , and allows you to shop around armed with some starting points that can streamline the whole registration process.