WordPress Mentoring

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WordPress! Everybody uses it! So, you should use it, too. Right…? After all, it’s the standard. Right…? And it’s easy! …Right?

WordPress certainly has made a name for itself. From tons of on-line articles to class at libraries, you can find a lot of information about WordPress. But more to the point, there’s a familiarity with it. So, even though they may have not actually used it, people seem to know about WordPress and how it is being used. Truly, among the class of software that WordPress is grouped in, it has managed to stand out and apart.

But is that enough to mean you should jump on the WordPress bandwagon? Maybe. A lot depends on your comfort level with web technology, and your willingness to learn. If you’re new to all this, you might find that WordPress allows you to get something that shows up on the World Wide Web rather quickly. Or you might find that you’re staring at Publish and Update buttons and feeling like you’re getting nowhere fast.

You might want to find out a bit more before you commit to the technology. Or you might wonder what your other options are. Or maybe your in the middle of things, and need a bit of guidance with your WordPress direction. SOHOSites can help you with mentoring to try and get you past the issues that are holding your project back.