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Profile Websites

Profiles is a word uses to describe Personal Websites. Personal websites, as the name implies, are primarily used for one person’s presence on the World Wide Web. Profiles are not used for businesses, although you might use a profile to help promote a business.

The most often used purpose for a Profile Website is for Résumé and Curriculum Vitae. The format for such uses can be as plain as the same items on a written page, or enhanced with images and other relevant multimedia. The Profile Website can also be used to supplement a paper or on-line submission of a résumé. For example, someone with an extensive education background might not want to list the complete details on a paper résumé. The résumé could point the reader to the Profile Website, which could then provide the additional information.

There is also the About Me use. There are time when detailed background information about a person might be requested often. However, the situation might not warrant a résumé or something similar. A Profile Website could then be used to provide that information in a way that does not require an employment situation. For example, someone running for office might want to list out their civic and family information. A musician might craft a biography page, using a narrative voice. A sommelier might detail their credentials, as well as their opinions about the products they work with. A well-known waiter might talk about their involvement in the food industry in general.

Going against the drier format of more formals avenues, the Profile Website often includes personal information about the feelings of the subject. While a résumé might mention volunteer work with animals, the Profile Website might include a paragraph about the subject’s love of dogs. It’s this extra personalization that gives Profile Websites additional insight and character.